COVID-19 Update

October 20, 2020

While we continue to adhere to all of the safety measures we have put in place, we are pleased to report that all of our hard work is making a difference!

We are continuing surveillance testing of Health Center staff and residents, as well as Home Care and Hospice staff. This testing is a vital part of our efforts to keep our community safe and we are thankful to be able to have this information.

Our Outpatient Physical Therapy clinic and Post-Acute neighborhood are both open and operating under careful precautions. We have also begun to welcome new Independent Living residents to our Village and Assisted Living Residents to Assisted Living/Memory Care neighborhoods.

All staff continues to remain vigilant in appropriate screening, PPE usage and hand hygiene. Our mitigating strategies remain in effect. You will find these listed by department on our COVID-19 safety pages.

We are offering inside and outside visits at this time. All visits must be scheduled ahead through Kathy Cookson. We would like to thank our visitors for following these guidelines:

  • Proper mask wearing is required when you enter our building and for the entire indoor or outdoor visit (no eating or drinking is permitted during this time)
  • Pets are not allowed inside or outside right now, per guidance from CT Department of Epidemiology.

Our new Well Screen technology is being used to safely screen all staff and visitors who enter our building. There are printed directions right next to the Well Screen system, should you need any assistance with it. Please note that you will now need to bring your driver’s license each time you visit, and that children must also be screened.

As we comply with the State’s travel advisories, our family/friend visits are being impacted by these protocols. We know how vitally important visits are to our residents, and we are carefully following the state guidelines for the safety of all.

  • If you are traveling from a state that is on the identified “Hot Spot” list, you will NOT be able to visit unless you do one of two things. You must either
    • Have a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering the State, OR
    • Quarantine upon arrival in CT for 14 days
  • For your reference, the following web site explains this process:

As social distancing guidelines remain in place, our residents are taking part in small group activities, including dining, at this time.

Thank you for your continued support.

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