COVID-19 Update

June 10, 2020

While we continue to adhere to all of the safety measures we have put in place, we are seeing a steady decline in the number of cases and pending tests on campus. All our hard work is making a difference!

We are continuing surveillance testing, with the help of Hartford HeathCare’s mobile team, to complete testing of assisted living residents who have not been previously tested, as well as any Village resident who would like to be tested.

Moving forward, we will be working closely with the CT Department of Public Health to determine the best way to comply with the requirements of testing nursing home staff.

This testing is a vital part of our recovery phase and we are thankful to be able to have this information as we gradually open to new admissions. Our Outpatient Physical Therapy clinic and Post-Acute neighborhood welcomed their first few patients this week, under careful precautions.

As we implement ways to thoughtfully and slowly re-open our campus, below is a comprehensive list of the mitigating activities to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, as well as any changes we’ve made to normal operations, in our health center:

• Visitors are restricted in the building except at end-of-life care.
• Window visits, Skype or FaceTime visits continue to be offered by appointment. Outside visits will begin by appointment, with safety precautions, this week.
• Group activities are restricted, including dining, which is limited to residences or areas that allow for appropriate social distances.
• A health screening process is in place at our entrance for all essential personnel entering the building.
• Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is available and worn by all staff while on campus.
• Masks are provided to all residents to wear when out of their room or if engaged with their care team.
• Regular audits are conducted by the CT Department of Public Health, National Guard and CDC to survey our infection control practices.
• Medical appointments via telemedicine are encouraged whenever possible.

To help our residents feel connected during this time of social distancing, we’d like to share a few examples of how our Life Enrichment team has been engaging with residents:

• Scheduling window, FaceTime and Skype visits with family and friends
• Joining residents our courtyard, with masks, to enjoy the warm weather and our new water feature
• Participating in one-on-one visits to facilitate a Book Club via Zoom, attending a virtual graduation, installing a DVD player so old movies can be enjoyed in their residence, sorting through family pictures, serving smoothies and root beer floats and delicious appetizers, sharing the gift of music to brighten an afternoon

We are delighted that we have received guidance from the State Department of Public Health, allowing us to begin outdoor visits this week, by appointment only. Families are encouraged to schedule their visit through Kathy Cookson at

We thank you all for your continued support.

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