To Live Exceptionally Well Is to Live Life Boundless

It’s about having all the choices and opportunities to enrich the human spirit and embrace each new day. To us, true wellness is Boundless and it’s an important piece of everything we do and offer to deliver the ultimate in senior health and wellness. To be Boundless is to Flourish.

Based on seven dimensions of wellness, Boundless reaches far beyond treadmills and nutrition. Boundless is an intangible, holistic philosophy that breaks down barriers regardless of age or abilities. It opens our minds to new ideas and experiences. It fosters more meaningful relationships and a closer connection to our surroundings. It keeps us productive and satisfied – all to achieve a greater state of balance and harmony.

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To be Boundless is to Flourish.

Our 7 Dimensions of Wellness



Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It’s the ability to understand your feelings and cope with the challenges life can bring. To be able to acknowledge and share these feelings allows you to achieve greater emotional stability and better enjoy the journey.


Lifestyle choices that help maintain or improve health and fitness can often lead to living longer. Physical activity, exercise and proper nutrition, while avoiding harmful habits, can help keep you looking good and feeling great while enhancing self-esteem and determination


A healthy mind requires stimulating activities, creative endeavors, problem solving and reasoning. Opening your mind to new ideas and experiences, applying what you’ve learned, and sharing your gifts with others are all ways to keep engaged with the world around you.


Social wellness is achieved through building healthy relationships, a connection with those around you and a support system that includes family and friends. It helps combat the feelings of isolation and loneliness that can plague people as circumstances change.


The ability to do what you love is important to your overall well-being. Making use of your skills and talents helps you stay productive and satisfied. Whether it’s to produce something or to help someone else, it’ll help you feel a greater sense of purpose, happiness and enrichment.


Living a lifestyle that is respectful to your surroundings contributes to a healthier world. Interacting with nature and protecting your environment, having adequate shelter and personal safety are all factors that contribute to your overall wellness.


The path to spiritual wellness is a personal matter. While different individuals may have different beliefs, spiritual wellness is generally considered the search for meaning and purpose in life. It leads one to strive for harmony while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world.

Well Within Your Nature

Here on our beautiful, 125-acre forested campus, our entire dedicated Life Enrichment Team empowers residents to pursue their highest potential through personalized programs.

Yet we go wherever we need to go to provide self-actualization, happiness, fitness and spirituality. Whether it’s a 5-mile hike at the McLean Game Refuge or Avon Mountain, a symphonic concert at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, attending a lecture at St. Joseph College, shopping in Simsbury or playing a round of golf at Hop Meadow Country Club, the ability to live your best life is Boundless.

Well Within Your Reach

Below are just some of the Boundless senior wellness programs, amenities, and senior health services designed to keep you active, healthy and whole:

  • SilverSneakers® classes, including yoga, strength and balance, and steady and fit
  • Therapeutic warm-water pool
  • Full array of aquatic classes, including water toning, cardio fit and arthritis aquatic
  • Healthy, Fresh Choices dining options
  • Hooks & Needles class
  • Hop Meadow Country Club social membership
  • Walking trails
  • Outings for shopping, theater, cultural and community events
  • Intergenerational experiences, including partnership with Montessori school
  • Music appreciation class
  • Sorenson Media and Technology Center with brain fitness training software
  • Book clubs
  • Library
  • Support groups
  • Massage and aromatherapy
  • Painting, ceramics and crafts programs
  • McLean Game Refuge
  • Wildlife and horticulture programs
  • Meditation
  • Bible study
  • Strategy games such as bridge, cribbage, molkky and trivia
  • Volunteer opportunities on and off campus

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