Top FAQs About The Goodrich Expansion at McLean

November 18, 2021

The Village at McLean is expanding, ushering in a new era of active senior living on our beautiful wooded campus in the heart of Simsbury, CT. The new Goodrich building will add 55 maintenance-free apartments and an array of upscale dining venues and amenities. Many people have already reserved their new residences and are just as excited as we are!

Construction is well underway, and the community’s curiosity is peaked. Here’s a selection of the top questions from our Priority Depositors along with detailed answers from the lead architects that will provide more insight on this exciting project as it unfolds:

  1. What is the total square footage of The Goodrich building, and how much of that is designated for the amenities?

The total square footage of this building is 161,348 square feet. About 22 percent of that, or 35,178 square feet, will be dedicated to amenities on the first level. Imagine walking through the front door of The Goodrich and being greeted by a group of your friends, socializing in the living room and exchanging ideas on how to plan to spend the day. Walk toward any of our delicious dining venues located exclusively at The Goodrich. Then, visit the art studio or theater for enjoyable entertainment or cultural arts presentations. Finish off the day at an exercise class in the state-of-the-art wellness center before taking the easily accessible elevator to your lovely new home.

2. Are floor plans available?

The Goodrich will offer a wide variety of bright, thoughtfully designed floor plans that will complement your amenity-rich lifestyle. These brand-new homes, surrounded by unmatched natural beauty, will include every amenity you’d expect in a stylish, contemporary home base.

View a couple of examples here and find out which options are still available by contacting our sales team at 860-658-3786 for a virtual or personal tour.

3. Are there window screens on all the windows that can be opened for fresh air?

The windows will all have screens, so each window can be opened. But McLean went above and beyond to ensure fresh air quality throughout The Goodrich. Not only can you open every window in your home, but The Goodrich also has an energy-efficient system that brings fresh air into the apartment every hour of the day. Conditioned outdoor air is continuously supplied to each apartment from outside the building. The system automatically filters the air and adjusts its humidity, so the air coming into each home is temperate and pre-conditioned. Not only does this have obvious health and comfort benefits for you, but it also offers long-term energy savings.

4. Can you tell us about the heating/AC system?

In short, there is forced air. Forced air means that the air moves through the ducts. There are no obsolete baseboard heaters or under-window units. Each person living at The Goodrich will have complete control of the temperature in his or her home via a single digital, programmable thermostat located in the open living room area. Each home will also have its own dedicated heating and cooling unit. You will stay comfortable no matter what the weather is outdoors or within your neighbor’s home.

5. Is there a place to charge an electric car?

If you drive an electric car, don’t worry! There will be places to charge your car on campus. If you’d like to add your own outlet to your secure underground parking space, you can do so for a small, one-time fee.

6. Can you give specifics about the soundproofing and insulation that will be used in the building?

The majority of McLean residents are accustomed to the quiet environment of a single-family home, and their comfort is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we put in extra effort into The Goodrich’s soundproofing. To start, the walls between units are a double-stud wall, each with mineral wool sound batts. The architect explained that this is much denser than the typical fiberglass batts, supporting additional soundproofing.

In addition, we’ve specified spray-on acoustical insulation on the bottom of the main slab and acoustical treatments in the ceiling to further mitigate any sound transmission. In the floor-ceiling assemblies for the third and fourth floors, we are using sound attenuation batts, which do some of the job that carpet used to do in mitigating any sound transmission from the apartments above and below. Further, all roof drain lines are cast iron.

The elevators being installed in The Goodrich will not adjoin any apartments to further reduce or eliminate noise. The elevators are self-supporting and constructed with an 8-inch concrete block to further support efficiency and eliminate noise. All that technical language is to say that we have created a state-of-the-art soundproofing and insulation system so that you can have the comfortable and quiet home you deserve.

7. What type of activities will be available?

In addition to the detailed questions our Priority Depositors have raised about construction, they are most looking forward to the new amenities and programming—and want to know more! A brand-new, state-of-the-art wellness center, 180-seat performing arts theater, secure underground parking and an array of dining options are included in this exciting expansion project. New programming will include exercise classes, cultural programs and so much more. Furthermore, in addition to all that will be offered on our beautiful, wooded campus, residents will enjoy a social membership to neighboring Hop Meadow Country Club. Play golf, tennis or paddleball or relax by the beautiful pool while your grandchildren attend a golf clinic.

So if you’re an active senior looking for your new dream home, consider visiting us to learn how you can be a part of what’s to come at The Goodrich. But don’t wait—our homes are selling quickly. Contact us at 860-658-3786 for more information on how you can reserve your beautiful new apartment in our welcoming community.

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