As the state begins to lift restrictions in phases, and we are seeing businesses begin to open their doors, we too are looking for ways to gradually and methodically resume admissions on our campus.

During this “recovery phase,” we are taking a close look at all recommendations and guidelines issued by local and national health care agencies on the very best way to protect our campus and community as we start to welcome new patients and residents.

For your reference, below is a comprehensive list of the mitigating activities we continue to implement to prevent or reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, as well as any changes we’ve made to normal operations, in our health center:

  • Visitors are restricted in the building except at end-of-life care.
  • Outside family visits with four guests maximum. Guests are screened at our front entrance and visit by the circle with masks, hand hygiene and socially distancing. Window visits, Skype or Facetime visits continue to be offered by appointment.
  • Group activities are restricted, including dining, which is limited to residences or areas that allow for appropriate social distances.
  • A health screening process is in place at our entrance for all essential personnel entering the building, including staff testing per CT DPH guidelines.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is available and worn by all staff while on campus.
  • Enhanced cleaning process with approved products and increased focus on touched surfaces.
  • Masks are provided to all residents to wear when out of their room or if engaged with their care team (with the exception of face care, taking medications or eating).
  • Residents are being closely monitored throughout the day, as well as tested per CT DPH guidelines.
  • Regular audits are conducted by the CT Department of Public Health, National Guard and CDC to survey our infection control practices.
  • Medical appointments via telemedicine are encouraged whenever possible.

Below are links to the comprehensive list of steps we are taking in each department, to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus and to protect the health and well-being of our residents, patients and staff as we begin to safely move forward.

Thank you for trusting us as we continue to navigate new and unfamiliar paths.

Assisted Living Move-Ins (coming soon)
Home Care & Hospice
Independent Living Move-Ins (coming soon)
Long-Term Care
Meals-On-Wheels (coming soon)
Outpatient Physical Therapy
Post-Acute Admissions
Visiting the Health Center