How to Use Technology to Choose a Senior Living Community

August 18, 2020

Recent events and the recommendation to practice social distancing have changed a lot of things. Today, how we shop, communicate, and get together with friends is all different. But one thing hasn’t changed: We still need to make decisions about our future. If you’re in the process of choosing a senior living community but in-person tours or visits aren’t currently possible, how can you get the information you need to make an informed decision?

This blog post will look at how senior living communities like McLean are helping seniors and technology come together to get the information they need.

Shopping For a Community Online

For years, you’ve been able to research your senior living options online before you ever visit. You can visit a community’s website and learn about their reputation, philosophy, services offered, awards and nonprofit status. But today there are more ways than ever to get a feel for a community’s lifestyle.

  • Galleries: You can look through community photos or videos to see their amenities, residences, activities, lifestyle, and to get to know their residents.
  • Facebook: For a behind-the-scenes way to learn about the residents and staff who make up a community’s culture, be sure to look at their Facebook page. It’s also an easy way to see the types of events and get-togethers they host and will bring their printed social calendar to life.
  • Testimonials: Here’s your chance to hear directly from residents why they choose a community you’re considering and what they like about it.
  • Video chat: Before choosing a community, it’s important you get a feel for the people who work there. Many communities, like McLean, can conduct a virtual visit via Zoom. We’ll give you a detailed presentation, show you floor plans to help you find a residence that fits your lifestyle, walk you through pictures of our expansion, and answer all your questions.

Let’s Get Together

Until we can show you around our naturally beautiful 125 acres campus in person, we’d be happy to schedule a video chat. Contact us online or call us at 860-658-3786 and one of our Senior Living Community Advisors will make sure you have everything you need to attend our virtual meeting. You can also learn more about our lifestyle here.

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