Living with Heart Failure Program at McLean

February 23, 2023

A diagnosis of congestive heart failure can sometimes mean increased hospitalizations and rehab stays – but it doesn’t have to. McLean Home Care’s Living with Heart Failure Program provides education and assessment to those with congestive heart failure, with the goal of allowing patients to live more healthy lives at home.

McLean’s multifaceted and multidisciplinary program is designed to reduce urgent care visits and preventable rehospitalizations, and assists patients with successful management of their condition. “McLean’s program is less traditional and more of a partnership,” says one patient. “They teach you how to take care of yourself.” 

McLean screens all Home Care patients at intake for a diagnosis of heart failure. Identified referrals are automatically added to our collaborative, interdisciplinary, high-risk-for-rehospitalization program. McLean brings this comprehensive program to our Home Care heart failure patients in the Farmington Valley – wherever “home” may be for them. McLean’s medical professionals work together to create heart-healthy advice and treatments for our Home Care patients with heart failure:

  • Registered nurses (RNs) teach patients how to properly use medications, the importance of a low-sodium diet, how to identify how much sodium is in a product, and how to recognize early warning signs to report quickly to their healthcare providers.
  • Physical therapists visit patients at home to tailor exercises to build endurance and exercise tolerance.
  • Occupational therapists visit patients at home to provide patient-centered energy conservation advice for activities of daily living.

How the Program Works  

A case manager works with each patient in the program to identify the best educational approach through motivational interviewing. Program participants receive a self-management teaching packet to keep track of their weight, exercise, medications, symptoms, and other pertinent information. This information, which falls into green, yellow, or red zones, helps patients  know when they need to call a healthcare professional.

  • The green zone describes optimal health and wellness.
  • The yellow zone indicates some weight gain; shortness of breath; swelling in ankles, feet, or stomach; and fatigue or dizziness.
  • The red zone is a more urgent situation with the patient having hard time breathing.

McLean’s Living with Heart Failure team teaches patients what to look for and who to call should a problem arise. Our case managers work with patients to ensure they have all of the necessary equipment in the home for measurement and management.

For information about McLean Home Care’s Living with Heart Failure Program, please contact Tully Meyer, McLean Home Care and Hospice, at 860-658-3950 or You may also visit

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