Celebrate Your Independence in an Independent Living Community

July 3, 2023

As we transition to retirement, it’s important to remember that our overall health and emotional wellbeing can be affected by how we use our new-found free time. According to a National Institute of Aging study, there is a positive correlation between social interaction and health in seniors. Staying active and socially connected in retirement will help us live longer, happier, more independent lives.

As we age, our social networks can shrink. Leaving the workforce, developing health issues that may limit mobility, and watching children or friends relocate may leave us feeling more isolated. Planning for social and emotional engagement in retirement is incredibly important, not just for our happiness but also for our health. The AARP reports that seniors who regularly exercise and engage in social and mental stimulation are at a lower risk for depression, cardiovascular health issues, and dementia.

One way to stay active and connected is to consider living in a Life Plan Community like McLean, which offers retired or semi-retired residents an array of independent living options, along with access to a full continuum of care if their needs change. Most important, these communities are dedicated to the social, emotional, and intellectual wellness of seniors. Residents enjoy exercise classes, get-togethers, cultural outings, educational programs, and priority access to health care assistance, all in one location.

Life Plan Communities offer peace of mind and the ability to age gracefully on your own terms. A 2017 study found that Life Plan Community residents tend to have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness than their counterparts. In this study, 69% of residents said that moving to a Life Plan Community “somewhat or greatly improved” their social wellness. These improved outcomes translate into more independence, longer, for Life Plan Community residents.

Today, retirement can last well over 30 years. Senior citizens can significantly improve this treasured stage of life by staying active, and socially and emotionally connected to others. It is never too early to begin to research options in your area, so that you can determine what provides the best fit for you.

Residents at McLean’s Independent Living Village enjoy a social membership to nearby Hop Meadow Country Club, a state-of-the-art fitness center, restaurant-style dining options, and myriad activities through our Boundless Wellness program. For a short time this summer, you can save up To $25,000 off the entry fee for select apartments.

Curious to learn more about how we celebrate your independence at McLean Village? Call 860-658-3786 for more information and a private tour.

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