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A Tip from the McLean Rehab Team in Simsbury: Pack a Piece of Home to Speed Your Recovery

August 3, 2021

We all want to stay well. But sometimes the unexpected happens and we find ourselves (or a loved one) in a situation where health services are needed. Not always, luckily. Rather, sometimes we just need to put our feet up for a few days and tell the story. But when your health requires lots more attention, even the sturdiest of us may need to be a patient in a hospital, post-acute or an inpatient rehabilitation facility for a short time.

At that, what thought pops into your head? Most likely it is: “Okay, but I just want to feel better and go home.”

You’re not alone. “I just want to be back home” strikes a chord in all our hearts and minds. Use this to your advantage. “Home” can help bring about the best possible experience when healing through an unexpected medical need and/or the associated ongoing inpatient rehabilitation.

Our trusted inpatient rehab team here in Simsbury would like to use this idea as an opportunity to reflect upon what it is about home that comforts us, and to share a bit of helpful advice.

“Home” can simply mean a feeling of familiarity. So, when heading to a short-term hospital or inpatient rehab stay, pack your overnight bag with:

1) One comfortable and familiar outfit you wear when relaxing at home. Lay it on the chair where you can see it. That old friend will be there for you when you are ready.

2) Your favorite gadget and its charger.

3) The personal care item that you love most. Maybe it’s your sweet- smelling moisturizer, maybe it’s your unequaled dental cleaner. Whatever it is, it will remind you of home every time you use it while you’re away.

4) A picture that makes you smile. Look forward to returning it to the shelf at home after your recovery.

5) Your favorite pillow or blanket. It can mean a better night’s sleep, a key ingredient to healing.

Take time to plan ahead to bring a little bit of comfort and familiarity with you to help you conquer the unexpected challenge. It works!

Simply click here or call 860-658-3901 to learn about the full continuum of rehabilitation services designed to help you feel better while recovering from the unexpected. When the unexpected hits—and we know it can hit hard—the outstanding McLean rehab team is here for you!

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