Post Acute Center Patients Very Pleased with Care

Lisa Clark, VP & Administrator of the McLean Health Center, reported the latest patient satisfaction survey results for the short term patients in the Post Acute Center. In this quarter 74 short-term surveys were received with a return rate of 64%. Mrs. Clark noted this is a high return rate.

McLean Launches New Care Consultant Services

McLean's Care Consultant team asked "Do any of these questions sound familiar?"   


McLean Home Care is the national home care agency for April!

McLean Home Care is proud to announce being named
April Agency of the Month for its consistently low acute
hospitalization rates that place the agency in the top 90th
percentile nationally.

Certified Nursing Assistants Graduate from McLean

 CNA Graduating Class

Pictured above: (left to right) Linda Schmitt, Kay-Ann McLaughlin, Cassie Caruso, Cathy Martinez, RN, Instructor, Lynn Kiesewetter, Tess Bussman, Lindsey Gervascio and Caryn Turek

Heartfelt Thanks for the New McLean

My Mom, Theresa Cascio came to the New McLean with a lot of history, hopes and fears.  She  had told me often that she didn’t like to be around “old people” and she certainly did not  consider herself to be an old person even if she did have white hair.  She had always been a very independent woman and her stroke left her fighting against the limitations of her own body.

McLean Home Care Data Exceptional for Area VNAs

Pat Adams, Administrator of McLean Home Care & Hospice proudly released the latest  Medicare visiting nurse quality data showing that McLean’s home health patients   continue to have a very low rate of hospitalization of 20 % compared to the 31 % CT average. In April 2011 the agency’s low hospitalization rate won McLean the national Quality Agency of the Month award by the Medicare- approved Home Health Quality Improvement Campaign (HHQI).

McLean Adult Day Program and Robinson Residents Savor the Last of the Summer GardenMcLean ASL fun

Sun Dried FlowersIt's a sad day when the summer blooms fade away. But not at McLean! The Robinson at McLean Assisted Living residents and Day Program clients decided to walk in the beautiful gardens on the 120 acre campus and gather the last of the blooms. They picked Hydrangeas.


"I Got My Life Back" - A McLean Success Story


McLean Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

Eric w Goggles

Eric Tharaldson, 
Physical Therapist 
McLean Outpatient Center

Do you or someone you know suffer from dizziness, loss of balance or unsteadiness, sensitivity to head movements or falls? If so, you may be suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), a disorder of the vestibular system which affects the alignment of the calcium crystals in the inner ear. These crystals can be dislodged due to an injury to the head, aging, infection or viruses, long term use or high doses of certain antibiotics, whiplash or other causes. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 90 million people experience dizziness or a balance problem. 85% of those problems are a result of pathology within the inner ear. Balance related falls account for more than half of the accidental falls in the elderly population. 


McLean now has a "no wait" policy!

We make every effort to offer each new patient an appointment for therapy at the McLean Outpatient Center in Simsbury within 24 hours of a referral. Call 860-658-3745.